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Hello, I’m ZHU (momooooooooom), a visual designer, concept developer and researcher from China, now, based in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. I have knowledge and working experience in Art, Branding & VI, Media & Broadcasting industry. Besides, I’m interested in storytelling about the individual or collective identities, reflections, as well as the interpersonal relationships in a cross-cultural and diverse social context. 

Affective narrative roots inside my heart. I apply artistic and interdisciplinary research into my practice, using graphic design, new media technology, and writing to communicate, while advocating “emotional Infectiousness” (emotional contagion) as the internal bonds to investigate, reimagine, and redesign the relationship between technology, society, and individuals.

“What shaped the intimacy between us and our device? How to understand the algorithm system as a class of being?” Inspired by science fiction movies and digital culture, recently, I have been researching the social-psychological influence (digital spirituality) of Biotechnology and Cybernetics. I work with different narrative elements, including scripts, visual metaphors, 3D materials to compose speculative video essay, at the same time, applying real-time responsive sensors to build interactive video installation.

Apart from self-initiated works, I am always interested in collaborations with people from different disciplines, or other kinds of commissions, freelance opportunities. 

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